The world has changed a lot in the past weeks and months.

So has our senior show! 

We are so excited to bring you our senior show in a whole different format than ever before!

A Novel Idea

A designer’s challenge is to communicate. To do this, we have to craft a message, understand the audience, and execute that message through an appropriate visual language. As we head into this election year, we take a closer look at what makes up a well-crafted political campaign. The message. The tone. The visual language. It is a complex, challenging system that requires a keen understanding of character, empathy, and really good storytelling.


To help us on this journey, we turn to literature to make those connections and build those bridges of understanding, not just in our personal lives, but to help us tell a story through design. 


In The Books is a collection of fantastic political campaigns from some of our favorite (or infamous) characters from literature. Join us as we tell their story.

Meet the Candidates

Our designers have created some unique and exciting campaigns. Meet their candidates and what they stand for below.

Have you voted?